What I wore walking around Whinlatter

View from the first viewing platform at the Whinlatter Osprey Reserve Centre.

  If you hadn’t noticed the recurring theme over the last month or so of the Keswick Convention, I’m a regular conventioneer and adorer of the Lake District’s beautiful landscape. I had intended to shoot more than one outfit but time, commitments and catching up with friends got ahead of me. Unfortunately, this was the only purposeful shoot I managed but at least I have one to share with you.

Not your typical walking outfit. But nice and loose considering the humidity.

For hiking and walking, I normally a stickler for either old jeans (comfy and easy to move in) or the less stylish option of walking trousers (typical beige or khaki and made of unflattering synthetics). But this time I was already wearing leggings and didn’t want to change. The grey sky in the top photo may give a clue why I chose cotton over denim. And I was so happy with the leggings for ease of walking, though they didn’t look amazing with my walking boots. The tunic was also fantastic as it kept me cool while during the hike.

However, I will accept that the long line cardigan was a mistake. As a pear shape, loose tunics with no waist can make me look somewhat pear-like. So ideally a cropped jacket that finishes at the waist would have been a much better alternative. Then again, when you are living out of a suitcase situations can result in practical but less stylish outfits.

What do you think? Acceptable for a camping and walking holiday or never to be worn again? Let me know.

Tunic: British Red Cross
Under tunic: Amazon
Leggings: New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Necklace: Sat-7 stall
Bag and Boots: Presents

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