Wardrobe Essentials for University

Wardrobe Essentials for University

In case you hadn’t heard the news, I’M OFF TO BE A STUDENT AGAIN!!! And every student needs to have her wardrobe essentials to make those rushed mornings a little more relaxed. 

Wardrobe essentials are every man and woman’s best friend. The popularity of the capsule wardrobe is a fantastic example of this. Having a small number of clothes from which to pick each morning does reduce the time and stress of each morning’s outfit selection.

Do you know what wardrobe your essentials are?

During my A Levels and undergraduate degree, I definitely had my essentials, jeans and hoodies. While there are still days when a cosy and baggy hoodie is my go-to, since I graduated my wardrobe has become more… adult? While jeans still feature heavily, incorporating maxi skirts and fitted t-shirts has definitely moved me out of my teen years. 

University Wardrobe Essentials - Jeans and Lace Up Pumps University Wardrobe Essentials - Maxi Skirt and FlatsFor a day in the library, I am a dedicated fan of jeans. Simple, easy and they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. From regular blue through to jade, I like to make sure I have a pair of jeans for every occasion. But my favourites are these skinny flares from Debenhams. They have a great fit without the restricting leg space of skinny jeans.

When it comes to studying, I pair them with lace up pumps to make sure the shoes stay on my feet. (I have a tendency to go bare foot without realising it.) As a size 8, I happily raid the men’s shoe department for my lace ups. As a girl of simple taste, I favour greys and blacks for my shoes. You may have another base colour for your wardrobe essentials but the beauty about lace up pumps is that they come in almost every colour under the sky. 

Another wardrobe essential is the maxi skirt. I remember buying my first maxi dress in 2012. It pretty much broke my bank account that summer but is still a part of my wardrobe. Maxi skirts have the edge over dresses as they can be dressed up or down much more easily. 

Maxi skirts are also the easy answer to add a little femininity into my wardrobe without compromising on modesty. This particular skirt, from New Look SS16, is brilliant for days with multiple coffee dates, meetings with tutors, seminars, or even going straight to cocktails from work. The length works brilliantly with almost any shoe. In winter I’ll be working it with ankle boots and tights, which my mum claims is straight out of an Austen novel. Until the weather gets colder, which probably won’t take long in Sheffield, I’ll be rocking the feminine look with my patent black flats. 

The Ethical Essential

I have also been thinking about basing my wardrobe around ethical practices alongside modest styles. This means that I am going to be doing my best to research more ethical high street stores, use charity shops and buy clothes made from sustainable fabrics.

University Wardrobe Essentials - Bamboo T-Shirts

Bamboo is one of the newest sustainable fabric, due to its fast growing nature. My bamboo tee from The Word Is is one of the most comfortable tops I own. Last week I added another two bamboo t-shirts to my wardrobe essentials, after discovering Hibiscus in Frome. Not only are they made of the softest material ever but the fit is ideal for university. Not too tight but still with a shape that follows my figure, rather than forcing me into a shape. They will be perfect for every situation a student might face. Personally, I’m looking forward to sipping on a hazelnut latte in comfort while doing my reading.


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  1. I did my student teaching in the inner city and my students used to make fun of me for wearing thrift store clothing. They’d say it was so gross! I love shopping at thrift stores! You can find some good stuff.

    • I think thrift stores/charity shops are totally misunderstood. It’s when we go looking through them that our personality and individual style gets a chance to shine through as you can’t be led by the trends in a second hand shop as easily. So keep going for it!

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