Travelling in 90s Denim

Travelling in 90s Denim

Train journeys… There are many pros to taking the train. From being able to continue working, reading or even catching up on telly, taking the train means that we are free to concentrate on other things while leaving the driving to someone else. However, cons include having to work your journey around a fixed timetable. These photos were taken while I was waiting on a train station unreasonably early due to such a fixed timetable.

On this particular trip, I thought that I would make use of the unreasonably early start as a chance to take an outfit shoot with a slightly different backdrop. I finally bit the bullet and took this particular shoot in a somewhat public place… Bristol Temple Meads while waiting for my next connection. I have to admit I was dead nervous but I’m glad I went for it.

90s denim dress meets 50s headband

When travelling, trying to figure out what to wear always comes with a little bit of a checklist. Are you going to be comfortable while sat down for ages? Are you going to be cool enough or warm enough when you eventually get off the train? Do you feel comfortable in what you are wearing?

Train outfits are very rarely the most glamorous. Even more so when you add in my recent tendency to mix up 50s and 90s, including my gorgeously chunky Doc Martens. And I even know my photos aren’t the greatest due to the early morning sunlight (that’s my excuse and I’m rolling with it). But because I took these photos on the way to a housewarming in Harrogate with university friends, they are special to me.

The denim dress is probably my favourite part of the whole outfit. I bought it almost a year ago while I was obsessed with ASOS marketplace. I may not be a huge fan of ASOS itself but their platform for independent e-tailers to set up shop on is great. This particular item os vintage 90s and ridiculously comfortable to wear. Admittedly, the length of it makes modest dressing a bit more of an issue but with a pair of leggings or thick opaque tights, like 80+ denier, it’s a great combo. Not exactly glam but then again being glam has always been something I kept for the big events.

How about you? Are you glam 24/7 or do you prefer to give in to your comfy side when travelling? And what are your favourite decades to mix up with your own style? Who knew an outfit could result in so many questions!


Style Notes || Dress: ASOS Marketplace || Coat: Gift || Tights: Highstreet || Boots: Doc Martens || Headband: Rock Rockabilly




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