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It’s time for another of my five favourite Instagrammers and this time the theme is food. I absolutely love my food and one of the best things about Instagram is that I’m in good company. From delicious street food to healthy bites via independent coffee, I love how much variation there is. Admittedly my top five do tend towards the healthier end of the spectrum even if my own diet doesn’t match up to it very well.

So without further ado, here are my top five Instagram foodies:

Ella Woodward (@deliciouslyella)

 First up is Ella Woodward, the mind behind one of my favourite healthy eating blogs. Her Instagram feed is always full of amazing food plus she shares snippets from every part of her day. Whether she’s showing of her yoga and pilates (little too calm for me) or another way to your fruit and veg, her feed always inspires. She does tend to give me serious sweet potato and kale cravings though, which is something I did not think was possible. And for any friends who aren’t convinced by healthy or clean eating, Ella’s feed is so full of colour that they’ll be begging to try out some of her recipes.

 Emma (@healthy_fresh_start)

Another inspiration for healthy eating, I came across Emma because she was liking so many of my photos. But that’s the joy of Instagram in bringing people together through similar interests. Emma has some of the best food photography I’ve seen (I want to know how she’s gets the lighting so perfect) and it always looks so good. It’s seeing pictures like these that remind me how much enjoyment you can get from eating healthily, visually as well as from the taste. Her feed is proof that healthy food is not all browns and greens.

Square Peg Coffee (@squarepegcoffee)

 So this is most definitely not a healthy eating feed. Square Peg Coffee is actually the coffee shop run by my sister’s church in Swansea. it might even be one of the key factors behind me wanting to visit her this year. But between the over-Instagram-friendly coffee and food that fills their feed and knowing that the coffee shop supports the church and community, there really wasn’t going to be much of a contest over whether it deserved to be on my top five. I just need to get my funky shirt for Funky Shirt Friday.

LA Street Food Fest (@lastreetfoodfest)

Now to take a leap across the Atlantic to our foodie cousins Stateside. While the history and culture that I find the most interesting is mostly in the eastern states- I love Pocahontas and really want to visit Jamestown- when it comes to food, LA and California has won me over. Between the Tex-Mex delights of tacos, food-inspired costumes and sweet delights, not forgetting a few cocktails, I’m being more and more persuaded to add the LA Street Food Fest to my bucket list. Anyone want to join me?

Who Am I, Really? (@everynibblecounts)

My last slot on the top five is actually about more than food. This anonymous Instagrammer is recovering from an eating disorder and she shares the food she eats through her feed. I love how she uses this to encourage others and she is such a reminder of the importance of food. Her photos are always beautifully taken but it’s the captions that are the icing on the metaphorical cake. I may have included her in my top five food instagrammers, but it is her encouraging words that moves her photos up a notch.

So these are my top five foodie instagrammers and they are one mixed bag. How about you? Who inspires you to pick up the frying pan or blender to create a culinary wonder? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me (@katy_couture).


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