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Okay, so when I say my top five Instagram feeds for fashion, you can probably guess I’m not talking exclusively high-end or even high street. If my past outfit posts are anything to go by, my wardrobe is a little bit on the eclectic side of life with a little bit of everything in it… well, within my price range at least. I’m looking forward to the day when I can afford certain bags and shoes.

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But enough about daydreaming over my future bags and shoes and back to Instagram. This little app has changed the way I view fashion and style just through the sheer variety I scroll through each time I check my feed.To celebrate this, I thought I would share my favourite Instagrammers who have influenced my style.

Sophia Webster (@sophiawebster)

High end shoe designer and self-proclaimed flamingo enthusiast, Sophia Webster is the one woman who has managed to design stilettos over 3 inches high that I would risk breaking my ankles to wear. Then again, I would probably be too scared to wear them in case I broke them. Plus I might want to display some of them as works of art. They really are that beautiful


Dr. Martens (@drmartensofficial)

Everyone has heard of Dr. Martens and recently they have reemerged from the alternative/indie scene (such a cliched term) into the mainstream. You just have to glance at their Instagram to see how much variation there is in the way people style their docs. From socks and brogues through to tights and boots, there is clearly no wrong way to wear your docs!


Amy & Naomi (@twoshoesonepair)

So I may have discovered Naomi’s personal account first but from their I discovered her joint account with Amy. Their loves of all things vintage and fringed is infectious and has made me completely re-assess the whole boho style. While I don’t think I’m going to be sporting a fringed waistcoat anytime soon, the idea of fringed accessories is slowly working it’s way up my wishlist. And don’t even get me started on the suede that has been popping up recently.


Nikki (@mycustomkicks)

Who does not like a little bit of customisation? We are not talking getting your designer handbag monogrammed with your initials. We’re talking about shouting your individuality, whether that is fandom, tattoos or lions, from your outfit. I absolutely adore Nikki’s custom shoe designs, particularly her Captain America and Robin Hood designs. I am so tempted to buy myself a pair but I just have no idea what to have on them. Now, do I go for a DC theme or twisted gothic roses?


Emily Fisher (@mermaidgossip)

So when I think of Emily, the first thing I think is not fashion. It’s actually hair and colour… well, coloured hair! She has died it the most incredible shades of purples, pinks and oranges. The fun doesn’t stop there either. From the floral crowns she adores through to her midi skirts and mom jeans, her style is so full of colour and vibrancy that she just screams happiness. It couldn’t be more different than my preference for dark and reserved ensembles of black skirts and loose shirts.  

Katy in a grey skirt, blue top, black cocoon coat
So those were my top 5 instagrammers for fashion, style and all things clothing. From the high end to the colourful and vintage, I love how varied style can be. But now I’ve spilled the beans on my top 5, it’s your turn. Let me know who are the most influential people on your wardrobe. They can be from Instagram, Facebook or even the friends you see everyday. Let’s celebrate the people who have helped us become who we are today!
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