Tithing and Blogging: Compatible?

Last Sunday I had a fantastic church service. Not only did I do my first children’s talk (trying very hard not to feel smug about it) and teach most of the church the actions to This Is The Gospel by Colin Buchanan, but Roy gave a brilliant talk. The passage was Malachi 3 v7-10 and it was the third in a series called ‘Making sense of God’s love’. So what does such a series have to do with tithing or blogging?

First, I think a definition of tithing may be needed. Tithe is a mathematical term for a tenth and is used on the Bible to refer to the practice of giving the first tenth to God. In the 21st Century, passages that refer to finances as it is money that is the most obvious resource we have to help the Church. So how does a typically financial and economic practice apply to blogging? Considering that I don’t earn anything from my blog currently, this is a particularly poignant question.

Malachi 3 v7-10 is about how God has been cheated out off His tithes by Israel but also offers the hope of a blessing if they begin again. From this passage, Roy extracted five points from the passage that I think can apply to blogging as much as it does finances.

  1. The Principle of the tithe: Matthew 10 v8 tells us to freely give as we have freely received. In terms of money this is easy. Simply be as generous with your finances as others have ben generous to you. With blogging, I have received from those with better tech know-how than myself the various software and hardware that provides the tools to blog. As I have freely received these tools, so I should freely give through my blog and make best use of what I have received. In other words, expect a few more posts where I (attempt to) explore Christianity, the Bible and my relationship with God.
  2. The Place of the tithe: According to Malachi, this is the storehouse. Roy said that our storehouse is our church, using our resources to support the church in its work. For me, the storehouse is the Church, as in the worldwide body of believers, that I tithe my blog to. This means that I should be using at least a tenth of my blog to support the Church and to share a little of what I have learnt in my own relationship with God.
  3. The Punctuality of tithing: In other words, have a systematic routine for tithing that allows you to both control it and remember to do it. This may be popping a pound in the collection each week or setting up a standing order to your church. As it relates to blogging, it is a pretty simple idea to put into practice. Have a regular day on which to post. This is one I need to work on as my faith posts are a little irregular compared to my other topics but I am determined to work on it.
  4. The Purpose of tithing: Nehemiah 13 v10-14 refers to the Levites (not priests but still important in the running of the temple) not receiving any food. This is because the Levites’ food came from the tithes (Israel gave crops rather than money) and due to Israel’s circumstances this wasn’t happening. In short, tithes are necessary to support the local church and the worldwide Church. As a blogger, this purpose translates as using my blog to support the Church. Just as I find support in reading Fresh Modesty and Olivia’s posts on modesty and her faith, I hope that others might find similar support in reading CounterCultural. Counter Couture.
  5. The Practice of tithing: Though tithing is part of the Old Testament law, it is reinforced under the new covenant that is begun by Jesus. Matthew 23 v23 states that while the Pharisees (religious leaders of the Jews) must focus on “the more important aspects of the law- justice, mercy and faith”, tithing should still be practiced. This was the final proof I needed that I should tithe. I will admit that I suck at financial tithing- I claim the lack of a bank machine between home and church is to blame but it’s an excuse. So I will be attempting to do a minimum of three posts about faith a month in order to practice my tithing.

To conclude, blogging and tithing are most definitely compatible. Tithing boils down to two simple facts. We are stewards of what we have been given by God; His stewards on earth. Through our tithes the Church is supported and able to continue its work. The best way I have of doing that right now is through my blog. So you can expect to see at least three (10% of 30 days) posts a month looking at the Bible and what it has to say to us today. 

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