The Rural Androgynous

It may be rural but at least it’s pretty.

 Today I ventured beyond the confines of the garden into the town park for my style shoot. Definitely made a difference to how much fun I had, going slightly crazy with the creative modes.

Shoes and Jeans : New Look, Jacket: Mencap, Belt: Red Cross, Shirt: Primark, Bag and Scarf: Present, Hat: Ebay

Being all ‘gansta’… no, I’m actually looking at my pocket watch!
Why, good day to ya, Ladies and Gents
Got to love the androgynous look… makes me look slimmer in the flesh too
Going crazy with the Impressive Art mode… I did warn you!

So my outfit was definitely an androgynous look, mostly due to my Primark men’s shirt. I just love the baggy, easy-to-wear vibe it has. Paired with a denim jacket and coloured jeans, today had a real playful feeling going on, making me feel all artsy and creative… which came out during the shoot. Just glad my photography skills are improving.

But it’s late now and we all need sleep. I’ll leave you with one last picture of my gorgeous town park.

Days like these make me feel lucky to be alive

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