The Gothic Shop

For about two years, I’ve been a regular ‘window’ shopper at As the name implies, the site specialises in gothic clothing and brands for a variety of styles. Though I’m nowhere near to being a goth, I love the style of the more feminine clothes in a variety of fabrics and cuts. Not to mention, that it’s proper gothic clothing as opposed to the ‘gothic’ trends that populate the high street throughout the winter months. For the Gothic Shop UK, it’s not just a trend but a way of showing the world that they aren’t like everyone else and actually they’re happy to be that way. For making such a bold statement through their style is really inspiring and motivated me to dress how I want to, rather than being dictated to by the fashion industry.
So having praised the Gothic Shop UK for making a stand, which they aren’t alone in doing as the gothic sub-culture shows, I’ll share with you some of my favourite items from the website.
The Jessica Velvet Gothic Dress

Entwined Boatneck Viscose Gothic Top by Spiral

Black Velvet Layered Overdress Jacket

Sheer Spot Mock Sock Black Tights

Gothic Carriage Hairclip by Restyle
Bleeding Heart Gothic Earrings by Alchemy Gothic
Cut Up Black Slashed Leggings by Folter

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