The Day After The Evening of Binging

So every Wednesday night, I go to my weekly small group. (That’s christian jargon for a bunch of people getting together to study the Bible.) It’s great fun and I love being able to spend time in fellowship with my friends, discussing the Bible. However, this also means that Wednesday nights often become binge nights as the snacks are laid out. There are normally some carrot/celery/vegetable sticks but the main problem is the crisps, dips and cookies that join them on the table. And this week was particularly tempting. All those tortilla chips and popcorn were just calling my name! Oh my, I felt so bloated and horrid. I just knew that the next day was not going to be a good one for my body confidence.

So yesterday I chose my comfiest jeans, a loose fit top and my DMs to insert a little bit of hope back into my ensemble. Black is my favourite colour when feeling bloated. It just lends a certain ‘I-couldn’t-care-less’ to an outfit and makes me feel that little bit slimmer. Paired with my faithful Docs and a purple hoodie, I accidentally added a very slight 90s grunge feel… or that could be my imagination. But this outfit did exactly what I intended it to do, 90s grunge or not. It gave me that extra confidence to ignore my bloated-ness and get on with my life.

And guess what… I passed both my practice theory driving tests.

Hoodie: H&M || Snood: Debenhams || Top: Marks&Spencer || Jeans: Dorothy Perkins || Boots: Doc Martens


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