The Colour of Blood… Oranges

The other week, I discovered that Waitrose had a three for £6 offer on big bottles of blood orange juice. Consequently, I swept up three bottles and proceeded to drink very little else for a while. Yes, I love the sharp-sweetness of blood orange juice to the point of obsession at times. Therefore, it would make sense that any red clothing I own that has even a hint of orange in it should remind me of my favourite fruit juice.

Okay, so this jacket isn’t strictly the colour of a blood orange but it reminds me of one. It most definitely can be described as zesty and was just the thing to brighten up this outfit for work. The grey and black keep it office appropriate (or at least more so than the jeans I wore last week) but the jacket means I don’t have to sacrifice the fact that it is SUMMER!

I’ve also been experimenting with my various square scarves this week as I’ve been looking for a way to keep my hair out of my face. This particular one has been twisted so that the red, grey and white spots look more like stripes going round the scarf. It was originally my grandma’s but, as I mentioned previously, they are often one of the best people to take inspiration from. Well, and maybe the odd bit of clothing too.

This isn’t my normal style I have to admit. The jacket is a little too sporty and preppy for me normally while I have not worn scarves in my hair like this for ages. It just goes to show that sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone can be a good thing and gives us freedom to experiment. After all, Britain is apparently home to the creative capital of the fashion world. I may not live in London but I can still do my best to keep that reputation alive.

Style Notes || Jacket: Encore at the British Red Cross || Trousers: Wallis (last season) || Top: Amazon (old) || Hair scarf: Grandma || Jewellery: Gift


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