Taking the Maxi to the Midi

Waterfall vinyl jacket: New Look
Belt: Debenhams (came with a different skirt)
Maxi skirt: Red Cross
Necklace: Encore (Red Cross)
Tights: Peacocks
Wedges: Sainsbury’s

So today I took inspiration from the head girls during my time at sixth form. As I went to a grammar school for sixth form, at the start of each year we had a speech day to celebrate the previous year’s achievements. Both years I had to attend and both years at least one head girl pulled this clever styling trick. They took a regular maxi skirt and hitched it up with a belt to create a mid-length dress. Two outfits for the price of one! Genius!

This particular skirt presents two problems when being hitched up as a strapless dress… Pockets! Trying to be practical (though who uses maxi skirt pockets I don’t know) they do slightly spoil the line at the top. The answer… my wonderful waterfall jacket to cover up the, practically unnoticeable, bumps. Plus it ties in with the vinyl/PVC/leather trend for A/W13. Bonus! Shape-wise, a belt is all that’s needed to create a waist and bring an hourglass figure into existence. The styling power of belts should never be forgotten!
That just leaves the little extra details. The perfume bottle necklace was originally H&M but ended up in the Encore range at the Red Cross, which I picked up during a BOGOF sale along with three other necklaces. The tights are navy lace to break up the leg gap but still provide some sort of warmth for the chilly winter months. So pretty in their ladylike style that they also lend a certain polish to the outfit. The shoes I choose are actually beige wedges, despite the disappearance into the grass, so provide the much needed height for a mid-length dress. 
A brilliant outfit for running around town or going for coffee with your girlfriends, I recommend hitching up your skirt and creating some wardrobe excitement. It’s time to get experimental with what we have!

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