Swinging Sixities Shindig

Dress: Handmedown (New Look)
Socks: Amazon
Heels: New Look (now semi-destryoyed from mud)

12 August was a busy day for me. I had a flying trip to the Salisbury and South Wilts Museum open day for Our History Our Heritage before flying off by train to Cambridgeshire for Fee and Clare’s joint birthday bash. With its swinging sixties theme, I had to use this dress I had just been given by my friend Victoria in one of her wardrobe clear outs. Paired with heels and over the knee socks created the iconic GoGo Girl look. I even forgo a necklace on this occasion in order to get the look right. I loved it and felt sexier/more confident that I had expected. Even if the torrential rain we then had didn’t have such a good impact on my heels. But most importantly I had a fabulous time with G&Ts, dancing, and general catch ups with my friends. A fantastic evening with a great outfit to boot.

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