Sunny Autumn Days Are For Exploring



Is it possible for wellington boots to be stylish, rather than just on trend? The key- go back to basic ‘farmer’ wells and ditch the crazy patterns. The reason for an outfit with wellingtons appearing on the blog? My dear friend Annabel! Yep, she was down visiting for the day and had a real hankering to explore the surrounding woods. So we took off with a flask of green tea from Attic, snacks from Morrisons and our cameras for a woodland shoot.

Cheeky little pork pie

I went for a comfy and practical combination of tunic and leggings, with the addition of a waistcoat to give me some kind of a waist. I can only wear it because I’ve managed to lose a few inches and it’s a bit snug normally. I have to wear a longline vest underneath in order to cover my modesty as the tunic isn’t quite long enough so I was definitely warm enough. Annabel went for her standard collar and skirt combination, adding in the cutest sheep jumper ever and adorable gold hearts on her tights. I was amazed at how she didn’t ladder her tights or catch her jumper on anything.

We believe this was a path…
The sun was so pretty through the leaves.
Wellies where they belong, tramping through woods.

We had a fantastic afternoon out as well as getting some fantastic pictures. I might complain about the downsides of rural life (public transport, I’m looking at you) but days like this make your glad to have the countryside on your doorstep.

Style notes: I forgot to ask Annabel but I can give mine. Leggings||So old I’ve forgotten \ Tunic||Encore at the Red Cross \ Vest||Amazon \ Waistcoat||Primark \ Gillet||Joules \ Wellies||Any good outdoors retailer.

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