#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 8

My last day in France… oh, I wish I was still there! And I lost two pounds over the last week too. So something has gone right. Just need to take my measurements and see if those size 12 jeans are any closer.  Anyway, enough babbling. What did I actually eat on my last day?
The same again I’m afraid. But that’s what breakfast tends to be. The same easy to prep in a rush each day. At least this was only for three days so a change to my normal routine. So, for the last time, I had a continental breakfast of apricots, yogurt, apple compote,  bacon and ham. I went through three continental breakfasts without a single pastry! I do not know how that happened yet I don’t regret it. SFS is doing crazy things to me!
This was amazing! Oh how I wish I could have steak cooked so perfectly in Britain but we just don’t seem to have the same respect for beef. Too scared most likely! And with it I had frites, salad and pepper sauce. Move over mayo, cheese, curry and gravy! Pepper sauce is the thing to have with frites. Oh it was good! Mmmmmm, wish I was still there. It might not have been low fat or dairy but definitely sugar free so I’m counting it as a winning meal on SFS. 
I do not know how I did this, but from lunch till we arrived back in France I only had a cup of camomile tea without feeling too hungry. We then hit London running and by 7pm we were in Waterloo and looking for dinner. We ended up choosing Micasa as it had corn nachos, making wheat less of an issue for Mum, and I had pork, salsa, sour cream and salad on mine. Mmmmmm, tasty and it totally filled a hole along with another bottle of water.
So my final day in France has been and gone. I survived without pastries, sweets, chocolate or sugar though my salt intake has rocketed. Back to clean eating now. Looking forward to seeing what the next week has in store.

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