#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 7

So I’m a week in. Day 7 was my last full day in Lille which could mean one thing only… more moules! Well actually we had hoped to try the local dish, carbonnade flammanade, but there wasn’t any left. So we had more moules… Anyway, on with my food breakdown.
Same as day 6 really though I had bacon and no kiwi. The apricots were gorgeously juicy and the ham has really appealed to me as a breakfast food… would it work with vanilla protein pancakes? Oh, and plenty of water to drink.
I have a confession to make… I had a snack. In my defence I had bern walking around for ages shopping and it was the world’s juiciest nectarine ever. So fruit makes it less awful, right? I can still remember the juice dripping out as I munched it… by a fountain… in France! Definitely a holiday thing!
After our fruity snack, we eventually wound back to la Grand Place and brought the tastiest street food ever. I accept it did contain dairy in it, which I’m supposed to be avoiding so please shush, but nothing processed. Mum and I are still trying to figure out what was in it but definitely lardons, potatoes and cheese.  Mmmmm, yummy!
(Anyone else hungry yet?)
Also had a sneaky, no sugar or milk, espresso at Notting Hill Coffee. I know, not very French.
More moules! This time we had them with cheese to make up for missing out on carbonnade flammanade. The frites were perfect for scooping sauce out of the empty shells. Just delish! It was nicely rounded off with a glass of red wine and lots of water. I was so full by the end that we had to have a nice wander round to burn a little off before heading to the hotel for one last drink (gin and tonic) and bed.

And that was day 7. I promise that from day 9 my eating will improve again. And ignore day 8- healthy eating and travel are never happy bedfellows.

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