#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 6

So yesterday was my first full day in Lille and we had a great time, which I’ll be telling you all about after we’re back in Britain. But food-wise it’s been tough. The French love their pastries and sweets, with doughnuts, waffles, haribo and nougat all over the place. I almost brought some nougat as a treat for the end of #SFS then realised that defied the point of the thirty days. So how did I survive day 6?
This was a very continental affair. Cold ham, overripe kiwi, apricots, yogurt and apple compote formed my first meal of the day. It was really quite difficult to turn down the pastries but the reality is I felt a lot better withoug cramming bready buttery goodies in to my body. And I kept going for quite a few hours, wondering around La Braderie De Lille.
This was an interesting experience. We stopped off at la parc zoologique for a quick lunch at la brasserie de zoo. I had thought I’d ordered merguez avec frites. Merguez is a Morrocan sausage the French have adopted that I am eager to try again. However, ftom my franglais to the server’s french there was a translation issue. I ended up with chicken nuggets and chips. Whike not horribly wrong, not the best #SFS lunch I could have had.
We then headed back to the hotel for a cup of tea and a collapse/blog planning session.
Once again we had moules avec frites. The French apparently really like salty food so we had a bottle of water to share. Alongside this we had a glass of wine each. I put aside my culinary etiquette/snobbery and had red wine with seafood, all in the name of sugar free! This was followed by a decaffeinated espresso.  I’m actually starting to like unsweetened espresso,  which I never thought I would.

So that’s my day 6 done. How about you? I’d love to know how you’re doing and if you have any tips to share. So get in touch.

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