#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 5

So today I have had be more flexible with my food regime as Mum and I have travelled to Lille for the annual market. As such, carrying big bags of home prepared food is just a pain when you’re rushing between trains. But I did my best to keep within the bounds as much as possible. Unfortunately due to wifi and camera issues, photos aren’t available right now. I’ll be updating them when possible. 
This was a really good breakfast of oaty protein pancakes, bacon and rocket. Who knew that vanilla and bacon could actually work on the same plate. I had it about half 9 and it kept me going for ages as my main meal of the day. So tasty and I was really happy with it. I added an apple and glass of almond milk to the mix. Fantastic!
This let me down a bit as I had a pasta pot of chilli chicken from CafĂ© Nero. Not the best for trying to kick sugar cravings but better than sandwiches and toasties. This was followed by a lot of water and fruit to wash it down. 
My favourite part of the day. Moules et frites with gin to drink. The fries were lovely and crisp but the mussels stole the show. Salty, flavoursome and so tender, the mussels were a wonderful way to finish our first day in France. Love at first bite!
And that’s it for day 5. I’ll keep you all updated best as I can but wifi issues might get in the way. Have a fab weekend and get in touch ic you’re sugar free too!

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