#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 28

Part 2 of my final #SugarFreeSeptember weekend. I may be slightly happy about it being my final weekend- i.e. I can drink alcohol again that isn’t just red wine or gin- but I want to keep up clean eating as much as possible. Particularly as I’m only 8 pounds away from my target weight! If I can loose the rest by Christmas I will be a very happy girl, though I think my beloved jeans will remain a problem item. This is the problem with having a Basin behind- our way of referring to Mum’s family trait of big thighs and bottoms. But that is an issue for another time. Back to the food.

And it was an interesting day on the SFS front. I started the day with a fast. The typical 17 hours from the last meal I ate, including sleeping. The sad thing is that this means I have gone an entire month without my normal Sunday English breakfast at church… then again that might be a good thing considering my love of Chris’s fried bread. I swear that each time I succeed in a fast it’s a small miracle. I have no idea how I have managed to control my hunger on these days.
Anyway, enough of my moaning about fasts. I really should stop as I intend to keep them up on a weekly basis. This time round I was able to break my fast in style, thanks again to my wonderful cook of a mother. As a family, we love the BBC Good Food range of cookbooks and they have become the basis of our day to day eating. For our Sunday lunch, Mum cooked the Coq au Vin from the 101 best ever chicken recipes. Not an authentic recipe, with a few cheat steps, but still delicious and a wonderful first meal of the day. Plus we had potato and cleric mash and fried courgettes with it. Only two of my favourite sides. I have one word for this meal. Yum!
Dinner was a much more complicated but small affair. It was harvest supper at church, with a chance to learn more about a mission organisation called Sat-7. Annoyingly it was a buffet supper, which meant both Mum and I had problems. I did break the rules slightly and have a few crisps and two sausage rolls. Mum was only able to have meat, veg crudités and cheese due to her gluten-free status. So not a disaster but not a big success either. 
But that’s enough about me. How about you? Have you been joining in with #SugarFreeSeptember and clean eating? Let me know what’s been your successes and disasters. And definitely share any recipes for clean eating. 

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