#SugarFreeSeptember | Day 26

Oooops, fail!

So today has been a total write-off so I won’t even bore you with another SFS menu. From my second breakfast of doughnut and echinacea & raspberry tea through to the creamy fish and pasta dish Dad cooked, today has not been a good day in the clean eating stakes. 

In my defines, I have not been looking after myself emotionally or sleep-wise recently so I should have been expecting this. With new jobs appearing and disappearing (though I have secured one now), troubles of the male variety and general sleeplessness, I was due a breakdown on t he food front. However, this relapse has reinforced (again) the importance of clean eating. As I type this, I can report that I am feeling bloated uncomfortable. Theory number one is unclean eating, i.e. refined sugar! 

Consequently, I will be forcing myself back on the band wagon tomorrow. And in the spirit of doing just that, I need to go and put on some green lentils and quinoa. Cold in a salad = yum!

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