#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 25

So day 25. Hang on, that means I only have five days left before I can open my bottle of mysterious rhubarb and strawberry French alcohol. However, what I must not do is put on all the weight and centimetres that I have lost. But until I cross that bridge, I still have five days left of avoiding sugar. And my method for doing that has become increasingly similar. And today’s menu will show case that… 

  • Breakfast: Protein pancakes and vanilla almond milkshake. So not very different to normal.
  • Lunch: Another ham and chicken salad, carrot sticks and rice cakes. Again!
  • Dinner: Beef in red wine sauce, mashed potato and vegetables. Slightly different this time!



As you may have guessed, my food does have a habit of becoming samey. This leads to me feeling bored and unimpressed with my food. And I don’t think I’m alone in this, which is where sugar comes in. With a British populace who is no longer enamored with the humble packed lunch, sweet (and salty) snacks you can munch on the go add a bit of variety to the lunch box.


Therefore, in order to continue being sugar free, I need to find alternatives to sugary snacks without sacrificing food exciting. Fortunately I have just had my copy of Sasha Wilkins‘ new cookbook arrive today to get my creative foodie juices flowing. And if that doesn’t work, there is always BBC Good Food. Ideas such as green lentil salads and butternut squash or sweet potato wedges are already filling my mind.

So with only five days I had best get my brain to work about what I need to be eating. Keep an eye on Instagram for any meals I feel particularly proud of. You never know what will pop up.

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