#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 22

First up, my menu for day 22. Try and guess where I slipped up (again)…

  • Breakfast: Fried potatoes and scrambled egg, activia and milkshake.
  • Lunch: Rice cakes, potato wedges, salad, pretzels, cupcake
  • Dinner: M Kitchen Chicken Tikka Biryani

Yeah, I had cupcakes, ready meal and snacks all in one day. My clean living really has gone down the plan. But the crazy thing is, SFS has worked as I’m now feeling worse rather than better after eating these, once, delightful treats.

Source: http://pixabay.com

But who can resist baked goods? The answer should realistically be no one but when they make me feel quite so bloated and achey, do I really want to indulge? So I shall be challenging myself over the next few months be experimenting with baking. Whether that’s making them gluten-free (a requisite with Mum around), dairy-free, sugar-free or just healthy, I’ll be attempting to share my results with you. That might be on here but also keep an eye on Instagram for an update.

It’s amazing what going sugar-free can inspire you to do! What’s been impacting on you most, whether from doing SFS yourself or just reading my diaries.

Keep in touch.

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