#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 19

So this week has been quite difficult in terms of energy and cravings. Partly this is due to my chronically bad sleep patterns. It is also due to spending the entire week outside volunteering on an archaeological excavation, particularly with school groups who are coming along to join in. Spending all day in the fresh air is somewhat hunger-inducing.

Excavations are not a place for the latest trends. Going a bit more practical.
See www.ourhistoryheritage.wordpress.com for updates on the project.

As such I did end up snacking again yesterday and I paid for it. Whether it was the wheat pretzels or the fact that I snacked, I was most definitely more bloated yesterday, and still a little today. So not a happy bunny but determined to get back on track with day 20. So what did I eat for day 19?


  • Breakfast: Another fast so no breakfast. 🙁 Instead I took my vanilla almond milkshake to the excavation to have with my lunch. I feel that’s a suitable compromise for having to fast. 
  • Lunch: Popcorn (ooops), beef  and pepper salad, carrot sticks, rice cakes, milkshake. Very filling though I’m finding I prefer rice cakes for breakfast with bacon (alternative to toast) and potatoes for lunch as my carb.
  • Dinner: Battered fish and chips with stewed ratatouille. More wheat = not so good but ratatouille is one of my favourite vegetable dishes. And a great way to use up peppers and aubergines that are starting to be too ripe. Stewed down, no one knows the difference!

So that was day 19. As always on a fast day, I found that I appreciated my lunch much more for its basic nutritional value as well as the pleasure of eating. And you have got to try ratatouille. Just stew or roast any Mediterranean vegetables with olive oil. It is fantastic and (added) sugar free.  

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