#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 16

Market potatoes. source: pixabay.com

The humble potato. Yes, today I am obsessing over the potato. Why? Because it saved me today. But first, my SFS menu for day 16…

Breakfast: Slightly stodgy, badly cooked protein pancakes. (I added too much protein powder. Lesson learnt.)
Lunch: Carrot sticks, boiled potato, high protein salad and coriander leaf & crushed chilli oil dressing. 
Dinner: Jacket potato, spanish chicken in sauce, fried courgettes and mushrroms.

So I apparently had a lot of potatoes today. And that can only be good as potatoes count as a root vegetable and stable carbohydrate on the SFS plan. In other words, they are a fantastic energy alternative to simple sugars. I must admit I was dubious about this at first. Most other diet/detox/healthy eating plans would advise you to limit all carbohydrates but not Rachel at KSFL UK. Instead, she’s been encouraging us to start spacing out those stable carbs in order to survive the energy loss that comes from fighting sugar addiction. So while that is no excuse to get back on the chips and crisps- had enough of those in France- but boiled, mashed, roasted in extra virgin oil or just a plain jacket potato will be going back on the menu.

In fact, they were back on the menu today. Boiled potato with coriander and chilli oil is ridiculously yummy! And they may be back on the menu again tomorrow, alongside rice cakes. Hopefully then I will be able to up my energy levels, along with a good night sleep.

And with that I shall wish you goodnight. Sleep well. I intend to!

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