#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 15

So today is officially the the half way point through #SugarFreeSeptember and I have to admit I have yet to feel the benefits of it. However, I do accept that my predilection for late night blogging and 90s teen drama probably does not help with this as it means I doesn’t sleep quite enough. But if I can get my sleeping under control (today doesn’t look good), hopefully the rest will fall into place.

My meals today were much the same as ever, apart from the 16 hour fast I did. So that meant no breakfast for me today, which I made up with an epic lunch. Ham and dried ham salad with added beans and peppers, carrot sticks, almonds, rice cakes, vanilla almond milkshake, apple and yogurt. It was good! And the ideal way to get through a day’s archaeological excavation. And dinner wasn’t half bad either. Steff made a very tasty spaghetti bolognaise, which we had with gluten-free pasta. Yum!

So the impact of fasting? I could tell you about how I wake up starving hungry and still tired. But by 10am I have control of my stomach’s cravings and I actually start to feel less hungry. There is no denying that by the time lunch comes around, I am looking forward to my lunch in a big way. So it makes me more appreciative of the food I eat and I swear that my tastebuds have improved.

However, not everyone understands what #SugarFreeSeptember is about. I still live with my parents and my mum did not believe I would make it through my fast. It also means that I am limited about how strict my sugar detox is. For example, yesterday I had a ready made sauce for the chicken curry because that is what we were having for dinner and it is easier to cook for everyone than individuals. So I have had to compromise over certain areas, such as eating gluten-free pasta when I cannot avoid it. But that is the price I pay for living with my parents and I would rather that than be struggling to buy food and pay the rent. Life is all about balance.

My summary of day 15 sugar-free? I’m learning to control my hunger and cravings rather than them control me and I’m appreciating my food more. All good things, I think. Let’s just hope I can continue to balance out my food choices with my living arrangements.

Wish me luck! xx

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