#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 14

Almost half way through and I haven’t caved yet to the cravings. I think I’m even developing a taste for almonds, though I’ve discovered that almond milk does not make for a good latte. Sad times but I still have my espressos to enjoy, even if that are decaffeinated. Today I also thought I would change up my style of food diary. Rather than another, somewhat boring and same-y, talk through the day’s meal, I’m going to talk you through one of the meals on the day 14 ‘menu’.

First of all, today’s menu…

  • Breakfast: a stack of oaty vanilla and cinnamon protein pancakes with a rhubarb activia yogurt and a vanilla almond milkshake. 
  • Break: camomile tea
  • Lunch: a ham and chicken salad, carrot sticks, nuts and rice cakes.
  • Snack: roasted (sorry) almonds
  • Dinner: Chicken curry and rice.

And which is the lucky meal…

 The ham and chicken salad! A standard you may have realised, in my work lunch repertoire, but I try to change around the ingredients so that I don’t get bored.

 The base of all my salads in very simple. Lettuce, cucumber and something green and leafy like spinach. Today’s additions were themed around being high protein and filling as I’m fed up of getting hungry at work. So there were a few raw mushrooms sliced up- more veg the better- alongside kidney beans as a cheap protein filler. To make things a bit more glamorous, there was also the addition of chicken chunks and sliced French cured ham. Then finish it off with flavoured oil. I make my own with extra virgin oil and spices mixed together. Today’s was garam masala flavoured. All in all, it was pretty delicious.

Was there anything I would change? I would have taken the thin slices of ham and sliced them too. The garlic in them can be somewhat overpowering and a little chewy so smaller pieces would have been easier. I also think a little more spice to the oil would have been good. Believe it or not, but lettuce can have a strong taste.

So that was my day 14 salad. It kept me going for a few hours, particularly as I paired it with a few nuts, rice cakes and carrots. Not sure what I’ll do when it gets colder though. Maybe soup?

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