#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 13

So day 13. This is starting to feel a little difficult. Admittedly I’m not sleeping well, which never helps with sugar cravings, but I am so tired and just want to much through an entire bag of grapes. Not exciting I know but I guess it means I’ve started to beat my craving for mentos, skittles and maoam… I think! So how did day 13 go? There were only two rules: eat three protein-rich meals and don’t snack in between. I really struggled more today and was seriously flagging. I blame it on working until 7pm and having lunch at 3pm in order to survive the day. Not my most sensible decision but necessary when you’re outside all day. So here we go…


So breakfast was something of an experiment. I didn’t have quite enough protein powder left to make proper pancakes so I made a cross between a pancake and an omelette and served it up with a side of bacon. I would call that pretty high in protein. Plus my almond milk and activia of course. It was pretty filling and would have been plenty had I eaten at a more normal time for lunch.


Lunch was even more protein rich than before and full of veggies to fill up on again. My salad had a layer of tuna, beans and sweetcorn with lettuce, cucumber and French-cured ham on top. I finished it with some paprika oil. I also munched down an entire pepper and two rice cakes somehow. It was something a a mission as trying to munch on all of this in half an hour but then again eating and chatting with colleagues don’t really go together.


This was a hurried affair as I had half an hour between getting home and leaving for my best friend’s house in which to change out of my uniform and eat dinner. Jacket potato, mayonnaise and cold chicken is way more tasty than it sounds on paper. But it was unfortunately speed I had in mind rather than gourmet meals, so it fitted my needs perfectly.

Day 13 is finished. I have been tired, hungry and moany. I’ve also had highs of energy straight after eating. Let’s hope that tomorrow sees me be more balanced.

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