#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 11

Day 11!!! When did September begin? The weather over the last week has felt like summer, which has helped so much with staying sugar and (mostly) snack free. But I fear that with cloudy, chilly autumnal days heading this way, it is suddenly going to become so much harder! The key, I suspect, will to be start making those high protein, root-veg filled stews that us Brits love during this time of year. But enough talk of what’s to come and let’s get on with what has already been. And here is my day 11 food diary…


Breakfast was intended to be a healthy filling start to the day, but looking back I really needed some more protein or complex carbs. In other words another sausage or some potatoes, carrots, etc. Unfortunately I am restricted to an extent by what’s in the fridge and I share with three other hungry people so the food I want isn’t always available. I actually pinched a little bit of Dad’s spinach for this but he was never going to go through the whole bag quick enough. So what did I actually have? One sausage, spinach and mushrooms, washed down by another vanilla almond milkshake and followed with a rhubarb activia. I felt full but after three hours, primarily spent in the car, I was getting quite hungry by then. Fortunately, we soon stopped off at the services.

This was started off by a cup of hibiscus blend tea around about 11, though I didn’t have anything to eat with it. I was starting to worry what I would eat as service stations are renowned for fast food, normally involving bread. Not ideal for SFS. However, there was hope in the form of the Chopstix noodle bar! They had rice for those not wanting noodles. Yippee! It may have been fried rice and my salt and pepper chicken was battered, it had to be better for me than a packaged sandwich or Maccy D’s chicken burger. 
We then headed back on the road towards Huntingdon for my interview. It went fairly well I think and I really hope I get the job. Being from that area original, I just love the countryside there. Unfortunately I had eaten lunch about 12 and you known the problem with chinese food. It goes straight through so by half 3 I was hungry again. Cue another stop at the services for coffee and tea. This time round I wasn’t so well behaved as I knew I wouldn’t cope until 8pm for dinner. So I picked up a camomile tea, roasted almonds (there were no non-roasted ones) and a bottle of lime, kiwi, wheatgrass and flax seed smoothie. I have to say the smoothie tasted more of banana than citrus and I did not like the amount of sugar in it! I know! Shocking what this month has done to me. So I’ll be avoiding ready made smoothies from now.

So tired but this did perk me up a little.

My dad is amazing! We phoned him on the way home and within 15 minutes of arriving we were sat down to a plate full of chilli and rice. I even had seconds. I was just so frustratingly hungry and aware I had an 18 hour intermittent fast coming up. But more on the fast later. I then rushed up the door for a prayer session with George, Tom and Rosie. With a bottle of water in tow of course- got to keep hydrated. 
So that was day 12. All this travelling is making it difficult to follow all of Rachel’s tips but I reckon I’ve done really well. If you fancy joining up with SFS then check out the KSFL Facebook page or the actual site. And let me know. I’d love to chat with you over Twitter about #SugarFreeSeptember. Or just comment below. 
Thanks x

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