#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 10

Eeek, almost half way through and I’m already starting to slip up. Only slightly though and I’m planning to get back on track. But before I tell you about that, I want to explain me and sugar. It’s a relationship that stretches back many years, even when caffeine tried to usurp sugar’s place. Grapes, skittles, chocolate, cake… anything containing sugar went down well with me. I was a “three spoonfuls in my coffee” girl. Then in January 2012 I was diagnosed with very mild Restless Leg Syndrome and told to reduce my caffeine and alcohol consumption. So for a year of university I was teetotal and caffeine free (still on decaf but I gave into cider… slippery slope) but being at university I needed something for all nighters. Enter skittles and haribo! And the rest is history. I just turned to sugar whenever I felt down, tired or craved it. And I lost control of my weight, fluctuating like mad… I had enough! When I saw Rachel’s tweet asking for bloggers to take part,  that was the push I needed. And now we’re here! Day 10 of my (trying my best) #SugarFreeSeptember…
More protein pancakes with a sausage and glass of almond milk. Completely forgot about my activia yogurt and supplement ooops… and yes I know we’ve been advised to avoid dairy but my RLS requires calcium so my yogurts are staying! Soya ones just aren’t the same (sorry Alpro but your almond milk is great).
This where I slipped up and totally mind blanked. I spent the morning with Julian Richards preparing the site of an archaeological excavation for a schools project. Definitely made up for missing today’s workout as I ran up and down it fetching bits. In return Julian brought lunch from a local cafe. And I ordered a panini with tuna mayo and sweetcorn. Oops! I also had a very small amount of crisps and a camomile tea to wash it down. So all rather pleasant but not the ideal SFS lunch.
I’ll give you a guess what we had for dinner… yep, the giant hunk of steak above was dinner for Mum, Dad and me. Served with a generous side of asparagus, baby sweetcorn and tenderstem broccoli. Not quite a taste of France but so tasty and I never realised how tasty asparagus was without butter. And the steak was so bloody juicy. My mum knows just how to cook steak. I then treated myself to dessert… or should I say the breakfast yogurt I forgot. Yum, I love rhubarb yogurts.

So that was my day 10, complete with running around a field after an archaeologist. For more on that you’ll need to keep an eye on ourhistoryheritage.wordpress.com. But it burnt off a few calories and hopefully made my panini less of a hindrance.

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