#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 1

Recently I’ve been struggling with feeling comfortable in two of my favourite items of clothing: jeans and leggings. Before anyone starts protesting, I realise that I am a healthy shape but when a size 14 is starting to feel tight on the thighs, for me that’s a time to stop and think. I had been trying to lose weight alongside some of the girls at work. However, I hadn’t taken addiction in to account… sugar! I love it, whether it’s a cinnamon latte, a BIG pack of skittles (or two) in a sitting or munching through an entire bag of fruit. I love sugar! As a result I had been failing at this whole weight loss thing, despite the number of rice cakes I ate, because I couldn’t say no to the crumbles, chocolates and general sweet yummy-ness on offer at home.

Then, on 31 August I saw a tweet asking for bloggers to take up a challenge. To go sugar free for September. Once I clicked on the link and dubiously signed up, thinking I could never do it, I realised this was probably perfect for me. Rachel Holmes, the mind behind KickStart Fat Loss and Sugar Free September, is sending out daily emails, videos, audios and everything else needed to keep the sugar addict on track. So I’ve signed up and I’ll be keeping you guys up to date on here, Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Facebook as to how I’m doing.

So how did Day 1 go? As I had no breakfast alternatives, I still ate my normal chocolate mini weetabix with chocolate chips and fresh banana, accompanied by a vanilla protein milkshake. I’m going to be replacing this with an almond milk protein shake, berries and alpro yogurt with some toasted oats. It was hard saying goodbye to my half full bag of weetabix but it’s a month and hopefully it will be worth it.

Lunch consisted of one big meal, as per Rachel’s instructions, rather than spreading it out throughout the day. As I normally have at least 2, sometimes 3 breaks at work, I spread out lunch but with SFS it’s three large meals a day. I was sooooooo hungry for most of the day though, with only water and fruit teas getting me through the damp and drizzle of working outside.

Dinner was my proudest moment as I turned down naan bread, onion bhajis, and samosas. My family has a big thing for indian snacks and curries, with those of who can eat wheat (sorry Mum) easily devouring 12 or 15 bhajis between the three of us. But I said no! So proud of myself. Instead I had a huge helping of lentil and tomato dahl, with two pieces of crispy bacon. Mmmmmm, fantastic comfort food for after a day out in drizzle plus it had no added sugar and almost no fat. Yum!

So that was my first day sugar free (ish). Sorry for no photos. I will be attempting to take more over the next 29 days to make the blog a little more colourful.

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