Sports luxe with a geek twist

Those of you who, like me, are avid readers of the fashion weeklies and monthlies will have noticed a trend that has managed to cross seasons from summer to autumn. That is the sports luxe trend. We’ve all seen the pictures of girls somehow managing to make the strange combination of sports shirts or jerseys with pencil skirts or tailored trousers look good. But what about those of us who are not particularly sporty or don’t want to buy another piece of clothing just so that we can tick another trend of our list.

As a self-confessed geek (see my biography page), I thought that I would put my own spin on the sports luxe. My pencil skirt is made of black baby needle cord, which gives it a velvety appearance, making it an obvious choice for the luxe aspect of the look. (Plus it’s vintage BHS- bonus trend points.) My lace ups and denim jacket gave it the laid back sporty feel I was looking for. And my geeky twist… Instead of the conventional sports top, I chose my Wonder Woman t-shirt and tucked it in to provide a more womanly silhouette. You can just see her determined face in the photo.

I’ll admit though, this outfit was slightly a rebellion against another trend as well as a twist on sports luxe. That is the trend of the slogan t-shirt. Specifically, the geek/nerd/dork slogan trend is one that I find strange. If you do fall into one of these specific social classes you are not the sort of person to wear one of these t-shirts. Fortunately, they seem to be on the way out. But back to my main point. By turning sports luxe into geek luxe, I chose to wear an actual ‘geeky’ top rather than a slogan one. In doing so, I hope I made a stand for real geeks.

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