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I’m being somewhat silly tonight and burning the candle at both ends. I’ve had a full day at work, followed by two hours of being a volunteer with one of the local youth clubs and now I’m working a bit more on a draft post. But before that I wanted to share something with you.

Worship, acoustic, spontaneous

Both youth clubs I volunteer with are run by Christians and as such we have large numbers of Christians and church-going youth who attend. One of the boys has been a Christian for several years now and has an amazing talent for music, particularly the guitar. For about an hour tonight, he proceeded to play worship song after worship song for no other reason than the joy of worship. One of the girls and myself joined in with him, just singing along.

The thing is that it is the closest I have felt to God during sung worship in ages. The power of worship for the sake of worship, instead of dictated structure, in a relationship with God is amazing. I guess that’s what I wanted to share with you. Spontaneous worship done to honour God is the heart of why we worship.

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