Spontaneous in Salisbury

Yesterday I was up crazy early- as in earlier than I would be for work- as I had to get the train into Salisbury for a dentist appointment. I’m not sure what made me agree to an 8.40am appointment but I digress. As I had time after the appointment to kill until my next train home, I decided to spend some time in Salisbury Cathedral. Somehow, this time-killing turned into a spontaneous shoot. Oh, the life of a blogger is a strange and curious thing.

Salisbury Cathedral’s cloisters are incredibly peaceful during the early morning. They also have a lot of benches, which I was able to balance my camera on as I hadn’t brought my tripod (ooops). There aren’t many places where I can feel totally peaceful, with even little stresses vanishing, let alone worrying about my counselling session.

| Skirt: British Red Cross || Top: Independent in Salisbury since closed |
| Scarf: Gift || Hat: Gift || Boots: Brantanos || Earrings: British Red Cross |

I love wearing maxi skirts and the combination of dangly star earrings and bright hat made me feel very bohemian. Basically, the outfit shouted femininity and easy going even if the skirt wasn’t the best choice for a rainy day. To top it all off, my refusing-to-fade cherry red hair didn’t clash with the bright pink band of my hat. Now that could have been a serious faux pas.

Don’t you love these earrings. So cute and I think they have a little retro vibe.
The blue and navy are so bright. Such easy colours to wear and a nice alternative to my regular black.
Maxi skirts do have a fantastic slimming effect when worn with a fitted top.
Modesty without the frump!

So that was my spontaneous shoot in Salisbury Cathedral. Would you like to see any other cathedrals? I would love to go back to Ely to do one. After all, it’s my favourite cathedral.


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