Sleep-deprived, Snack-hungry, Comfort-dressing… It must be the run up to Christmas

Hoodie: Clothes2Order || Gillet: HandMeDown (Duck and Cover) || Jeans: British Red Cross

You may notice that this photo is not a typical fashion blogger photo. I don’t look made-up or glamorous. I don’t look like I’ve put any thought in to what I’m wearing. The truth is, I haven’t. This has been my go-to when not at work, where I currently have to wear a uniform. The reason being is I’m tired from burning the candle at both ends and the middle, snack-hungry all the time and I just want to sleep. Yet somehow I still find the time to get to the gym, attend Christmas parties and keep my blog up to date. Admittedly I have been awful on the ‘fashion’ side of the blog but I intend to change that next year. Hello workwear experiments! 

Anyhow, you might recognise my hoodie from last week’s post, A Tale of Two Jumpers. I have been living in this hoodie as it is currently the comfiest thing I own, making it perfect for the zombie-like state I enter in to when no one else is around. The jeans are my faithful Oasis flares from the Red Cross and I’m finishing it off with a Duck and Cover gilet given to me by Victoria. Effectively, this is what I find easiest to pull on when it’s still dark and my eyes are struggling to open and still looking relatively ‘put-together’.

This is probably one of my laziest outfit posts to date. What’s your winter lazy outfit options?


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