Simply Black

Sometimes all you need is a black outfit in order to get that chic, feminine feel. You know, the one so often worn by Parisian women going about their everyday life. The other day I rocked such an outfit whilst going about my own everyday life, with both the top and jeans being sourced from local charity shops. My jeans were originally from Oasis and I swear they were practically brand new- absolutely no faded black dye is always a good sign.

Sunglasses: New Look, Top: British Heart Foundation, Jeans: British Red Cross

Unfortunately I’m also suffering from a case of tendinitis, which is the reason for the less-aesthetically pleasing wrist guards. One of the dangers of manic blogging followed by a complete holiday followed by blogging. It seems my wrists are going through a little bit of a rebellion at the moment. So I might be a little bit quiet but I’ll try to keep you all updated.

And remember I love you for reading this.

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