Shirts aren’t just for interviews | Lille outfit 1

Taken in the hotel mirror.
Shirt: Zara
Vest top: H&M
Necklace: Gift
Jeans: Oasis via the Red Cross
Shoes (hidden): Doc Martens Mary Janes

The trip to Lille was fantastic! I had soooo much fun with Mum wandering around the market and getting disorientated (but never lost, honest!) around the city centre. I didn’t pack many clothes as we were only away for three nights but in hind sight two pairs of black trousers were a bad idea. The jeans in this photo were definitely the cooler and comfier of my options.

I paired them with my standard purple vest top and my pink pearly flower pendant but still needed a cover up. I had brought my Zara shirt with me in case I had needed something a bit smarter. You can never be too prepared. But compared to my biker jacket or cardigan, it was actually the coolest option for what turned out to be a hot day. Considering that I brought the shirt for interviews, this was quite a turn around in terms of repurposing clothes. Then again, when I love casual shirts so much it’s not a surprise that I’ll re-work a formal one.

What do you think of smart shirts re-worked for casual wear? What’s your favourite item to repurpose for different occasions? Let me know. Always looking for more inspiration. 

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