Sequins, skirts and shoes… Time to experiment!

First of all, apologies for the awful quality of the photos. My camera, for some tech-y reason, has decided to not turn on so these have been taken with my tablet. Decide for yourself whether it was worth the trouble.

Also, a word on the hair. I was trying to go for something mussed up and windswept. However, I failed to realise that actual windswept hair compared to styled windswept is very different. Hence the very disorganised nest on top of my head.

My items of experimentation
Courts: New Look
Boots: Doc Martens (via Amazon)
Pumps: Next
Lace ups: New Look
Earrings: Covent Garden stall
Cross: Marks and Spencer
Pearls: Present from my Dad

So the above items are today’s outfit inspiration. As a massive fan of crazy footwear and fabulous jewellery I thought it was about time that I looked at how they can affect the whole feel of an outfit. It definitely a lot of fun.

Burlesque Glam
Sequin top: Red Cross
Petticoat: Rockabilly Pinup

As my petticoat hasn’t had an outing for a while I decided to dig it out as a basis for my experimentation. Rather crazy yet undeniably sexy, paired with heels and a pearl necklace this had a definite feel of burlesque glamour to it. Powerful, desirable, all-female!

50s twist… Glittery Grease

I then switched the shoes for the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Lace up flats with any full circle skirt have a very ‘Sandy’ feel to them. I felt I could have been off to the school dance to join the Pink Ladies and T-Birds.

However, the petticoat is a strictly meant to be worn under dresses and skirts so probably not suitable to wear out. So I took my experiment further and switched in my beloved pencil skirt (see my very first post on Geek Luxe).

Grown up sparkles
Velveteen pencil skirt: Vintage stall (BHS)

Paired with heels, the pencil skirt had a very official feel to it, almost presidential. Fortunately, the untucked sequins (having been rather uncomfortable tucked into the petticoat) definitely moved it into the ‘funky offish‘ region, which had been promoted by Pixie Geldof recently. I think I rather loved it.

Little bit more practical footwear

Switching my courts to pumps with a slight wedge did make it more comfortable. However, I’m not sure I would choose practicality over style on this occasion. The lengthening power of heels definitely has an advantage with pencil skirts.

Upping the grunge level

However, as a lover of the grunge trend and Doc Martens I had to test them out with it. Personally, I think the length of flesh on shoes works rather well and the boots totally dress down the whole outfit. I think this would be my choice for parties right now, providing my parents aren’t around to ban my DMs ;). And, thankfully, I found an outfit where my really windswept hair worked. Got to love the ease of the grunge trend.

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