Scrunchies: The hair benefit of the 90s trend

In this week’s issue of Look, an article about Prince Harry’s latest girlfriend and possible bride-to-be took centre stage. But it wasn’t the possible wedding rumours or the wardrobe critique that attracted my eye. Rather, it was the small box on Cressida’s favourite hair accessory, the scrunchie. But not only is Cressida on trend for A/W13 but she’s also protecting her hair. Compared to the hair elastics favoured by so many, including myself, for their staying power, scrunchies are kinder and softer on the hair. This means less breakage and therefore fewer split ends. This was persuasive enough for me to (re)test drive a scrunchie I found hidden away in my room. Whilst not great for holding up top-knots and buns, for the ever-faithful ponytail it was great so long as I wasn’t bothered about it not being tightly slicked back. Overall, I’m converted to the scrunchie as an addition to my casual wardrobe but I’ll be keeping my elastics nearby for the more advanced styles.

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