Rockabilly Pinup

A few months ago, I reviewed one of my favourite e-tailers that I just love to stalk window shop on a regular basis. For all of you who took my advice and visited The Gothic Shop, I have good news… There is a sister site! And for those of you who lean more toward the 50s than Victorian, I also have good news… It’s all rockabilly and pinup inspired! Yes, Rockabilly Pinup is run by the same people as The Gothic Shop to the extent that if you order from both sites at the same time they only charge one lot of postage. Talk about finding the way to a girl’s heart!

Rockabilly Pinup has something for every 50s lady, from the floral full circle dress to sailor themed playsuits and tops. For myself, I tend to steer clear of the Hawaiian look, favouring anchors, polkadots and swallows. I’ve included some of my favourites from my wishlist, though it is ever growing.

Now where did I leave my card….

Black Bridget Bombshell Dress by Folter£44.95 £29.50

Black Sailor Collar Nautical Dress by Hearts & Roses: £32.50 £22.75

Swallow Duster Necklace by UL17 Alchemy:£20.50 £16.40

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