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Day and Night Detox Tea
So much promise…

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will have seen that I recently embarked on my first tea detox. You might also notice that I had to cut it short after only four days. However, those four days still taught me a fair bit for my first tea detox.

Slendertox Tea is a green tea based on South East Asian recipes, including Hawthorn and Valerian (only in the sleeptox). The claim made is that the tea will help with weight loss, increase your metabolism and cleanse your body. What this actually means is that the tea is a colonic cleanse, aimed at cleaning out your insides. Hence the warning that the detox should begin on a day off or weekend, ideally with a toilet close by. I have to admit that the effects in that department didn’t happen straight off, though I spent a lot of Sunday and Monday getting to know the toilets in my life.

By Monday, I could not deny that the detox was working. I had lost over a pound during the weekend and my trousers even felt a few millimeters looser. I was able to cope with the numerous toilet trips- I have a relatively small bladder so it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me. Anyone would think I would be feeling fantastic and more energetic.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken the chance of the side effects in the small print actually happening. By Sunday afternoon I was doubled over in pain several times, suffering from cramps and diarrhea, while also putting up with headaches and nausea. Indeed, aside from vomiting, I suffered from every single one of the possible side effects. Great!!! I was considering everything from possible Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gluten intolerance to a possible virus. However, Mum suggested that it could be the tea so I did my research. Lo and behold, via a few angry ranters on Amazon, I found out that the tea was a probable cause of how I felt. So I’ve had to stop the detox but at least I feel better.

Despite my experience, I don’t want to tell you to stay away from Slendertox Tea. They do mention possible side effects and I should have taken better notice of them when beginning the detox. On top of this, I cannot ignore the fact that I did loose 1.4lb without dramatically changing my diet. However, I suspect I will would rapidly put that back when if I fail at being sugar free. This is because the weight loss works by forcibly flushing out your body. As soon as that stops, if your diet hasn’t changed, your weight will be regained. Therefore, Slendertox Tea is a great quick fix but without changing your lifestyle and diet it won’t have any long term effects. Just please be aware of the side effects and stop drinking the tea if they happen. Believe me, it is not worth it!

Before I go, just a quick thank you to Slendertox Tea and The Bloggers Hub. Run by Bloggers Love, The Bloggers Hub is an online gifting lounge, making it perfect for bloggers like myself who live out in the rural sticks. They have managed to persuade several companies to gift bloggers in exchange for a review/mention. Slendertox Tea is the first company I have contacted via the Hub but I’m looking forward to working with more. So thank you for this opportunity to road test my first tea detox.

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*This is a sponsored post as I received the tea free from Slendertox Tea via The Bloggers Hub.

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