Review || Maximise Your Mornings

Review || Maximise Your Mornings

When I was at university, I found my quiet times really easy at first. I did everything “right”. I read the whole bible over two years. I went through a book of devotions about women in the bible. Somewhere during those three years, however, I lost it. I went from writing down every inspirational piece of scripture, lyrics or quote to stick on my wall to struggling just to open my bible. Since then, I have learnt three things:

  1. God doesn’t smite me down when I don’t read my bible
  2. BUT my relationship with God is 100 times better when I do read my bible
  3. There is no right way to spend time with God

No. 3 is the reason why there is such a massive market in devotions. Having created human beings in such variety, it stands to reason that God has given us a whole variety of ways to relate to Him. I had simply forgotten how I related to Him.

Looking back, I realised that I had found structured devotionals to be the most successful for me personally. Realising this but also realising I had changed since then, I started looking for new options. While my Blogs and Bibles girls suggested She Reads Truth and Christian on Campus encourages Illustrated Faith, I realised neither of them would work with my lifestyle. Then I stumbled across Hello Mornings, liked what I saw and signed up to their newsletter. That’s when I was sent Maximise Your Mornings as a free e-book.

God. Move. Plan

Written by Kat Lee, Maximise Your Mornings is based around three principals. Spend time with God. Do some exercise. Plan for your day. Yet, even though 3 is apparently the magic number, it’s not what sold me on the God. Move. Plan. way of doing things. It was the fact that each section only requires 5-15 minutes.

15-45 minutes to read the Bible, exercise and plan? Are you kidding me?

I know. I couldn’t quite believe it either. Yet Kat’s confidence that “you can accomplish more key things in 30 minutes than most people accomplish in an entire day” is so contagious that I had to keep reading and figure out how this would work.

How do You Maximise?

Kat is great at making the whole process of maximising mornings. The best bit is that she splits the whole process in to four steps. My favourite step, which is actually the hardest step, is Step 1: How to Get Out of Bed. Admit it, the hardest part about a morning devotions is not falling back to sleep during prayers. But if I have achieved anything from adopting the Maximise Your Mornings approach, it is that I am now looking forward to that first half hour of my day when I have woken up. I have even begun to adjust my internal clock and waking up early on the weekends as well as weekdays to make the most of that early morning peace. 

The three other steps are what you would expect: create a quiet time routine; develop an exercise plan; create a planning routine. Although I haven’t yet put in place the planning step, combining my quiet time routine with my exercise plan has totally changed my mornings around. Stepping out the door with my smoothie every morning, having spent time 1-2-1 with my God, having already done my wrist and roller exercises, I can do so with a smile on my face.

So how do I summarise the effect that discovering Hello Mornings and reading Maximise Your Mornings has had on my mornings and my life? It has turned my mornings around. I feel happier when I get up. I feel more prepared for the world. But most importantly, I am reconnecting with my God and His Word. That is the best feeling in the world!


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    • It has totally changed how I do my morning devotions. I loved her suggestion in the newsletter today to pray or read the bible while doing the plank or stretching. I can already see challenges like “how many verse can I recite before I have to stop”. It’s brilliant.

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