Review || Just Bee Honey Water*

Review || Just Bee Honey Water*

If you visited the Cottage last week, you may have seen that Annabel and I put another entry into our Rural Girls’ Diary with a wander round the bluebell woods. Well, we also thought it would be the ideal opportunity to take some photos for my review of Just Bee Honey Water.

Honey water is the latest addition to “not-quite-water” health drink collection, which also includes coconut water and maple water. Claiming to be “spring water enriched with a single drop of honey”, Just Bee has created a range of flavoured waters that make full use of honey’s health benefits and natural sweetness. Currently created in three flavours, thanks to the kind folk at Just Bee, I was lucky enough to try all three flavours.

Lemon and Green Tea

Just Bee Honey Water - Lemon and Green Tea

I think this was my favourite flavour, but I am a lover of all things citrus-y so that could explain why. I think the biggest shock yet pleasant surprise was the lack of sharpness, as the honey added a really nice sweetness to balance out the tangy lemon. If I’m totally honest, the green tea did not come through that much but that could be because I have never had green tea straight so I’m not 100% sure what it should taste like. In fact, my favourite green tea is flavoured with lemon so it is probably no surprise that this was my favourite honey water. Thinking about it, you could make a comparison with a lemon-flavoured green tea, such as Pukka’s Clean Matcha Green.

Apple and Ginger

Just Bee Honey Water - Apple and Ginger


Ginger is one of my favourite spices. I almost always have fresh ginger stashed in the fridge and a pot of dried ginger in the spice rack. Summer is all about ginger and lemon water (or lime and mint if I’m mixing it up) while winter is all about curries and stews flavoured with cold-preventing turmeric and ginger. So it stands to reason that I would enjoy Apple and Ginger. Unfortunately, this was not the case. For myself, I felt that the sweetness of the honey and apple overshadowed the spicy ginger so I missed out on one of my favourite flavours. However, I am aware I like my strong flavours to be strong (you should see how much black pepper I use) so it is likely that for the average person, apple and ginger honey water is just right. But for those who love ginger bread or spicy curries, you might mourn the lack of your favourite spice. 


Just Bee Honey Water - Blueberry

Last but not least, blueberry! Although I have started incorporating this humble super berry into smoothies to prevent DOMS from workouts, it is not exactly my favourite flavour. So when I took a sip of the blueberry honey water, I was amazed to find I really enjoyed it. More so than the apple and ginger honey water. The honeyed sweetness worked really well with the blueberries, creating a drink that was neither too sweet or too tart. It almost levelled with the lemon and green tea honey water. If you’re a fan of berries for any reason, I would definitely say give Just Bee’s blueberry flavour a try. Unfortunately though, I don’t think there is enough blueberry in it to help prevent DOMS so I’ll still be adding blueberries to smoothies.

It was great fun trying out all the different Just Bee Honey Water flavours. Even better that I was surprised by the blueberry honey water. I now just need to track down someone to keep me supplied with the lemon and green tea flavour. The perfect drink to fill your cool box with this summer, whether having a barbecue or doing pilates.

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    • I know it does but think of it as spring water sweetened with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. All of the sweetness, none of the bad effects and even a few good side effects. I think they call that a win-win!

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