Resolutions: One Month On

So January has been and gone. 2014 is definitely here to stay. But what about those resolutions you made a month ago, nursing the over-tired, possibly alcohol induced, headache from 2013? Personally, it’s not looking great so let’s recap…

  • Losing weight/Exercising more often

Hmmm, weight loss… that involves not eating the various cakes, biscuits and sweets that find their way into the staff room. Something tells me at work I may be failing on this resolution. Not that the Christmas biscuits that were never eaten or Dad’s bread-making obsession do much to help. I think I need to learn self control.

Exercise, in contrast, is going ok. I’ve started doing my physic stretches again (I have a dodgy back. Studying really is dangerous for your health!) as well as digging out my exercise DVDs. To top all that of, my bestie and I are starting Zumba!!!! Yes, come every Thursday I shall be attempting to sway my hips to a flatter stomach. It’s a good thing that laughter burns a lot of calories too.

  • Finding my place in the blogosphere
This particular resolution is going to take a wee bit more time. However, I am starting to get slightly more geek street-wise about using social media to get C-C.C-C noticed a bit more. I may have even geeked out slightly when two of my favourite bloggers, Ella Catliff and Aurelie Van Houte, retweeted me. I would absolutely adore the chance to meet them, even though our take on style somewhat differs. To be honest, I’m still looking to meet some of my fellow bloggers but it’s only a month into 2014 so there’s time left. 
In regards to figuring out where I fit in, I’m still putting ideas together. I follow blogs that come from so many different angles that it’s easy to feel torn in two with who I am in the blogosphere. This next month will see me trying to pin it down a bit more. Possibly even asking for advice from my fellow bloggers…
  • My own teashop start-up
This one has probably been the biggest letdown for one reason… I’ve realised that with a job, blogging and business research, editing and posting a video diary on YouTube is just one thing too many. I really do “bite off more than I can chew” when it comes to my obsessions dreams. I’m hoping at some point to keep a video diary but for now it’s going to be more of a record to keep track of where I am than to share my ideas. Sorry guys if you were looking forward to it but I’ll try to keep you a little updated via social media as the idea develops.
  • My life as a Christian
This one should be a resolution for everyday of my life, let alone the start of the year. I’ve been managing to read the Message at least 3 or 4 days out of 7 but there is still plenty of improvement to be done. I’ll be taking the letter to the Church in Ephesus (Revelation 2) to heart as I look to my ‘first love’ again. It’s difficult to explain how I can make Christ my first love again but reading Fresh Modesty, a modest fashion blog from the USA, and various books iare helping me figure it out. 
If any of you want to share stories, advice or challenges in your walk with Christ, please do. This may be a fashion blog but I believe that Christ can move anywhere, even online.
So that’s where I stand one month on with my 2014 resolutions. How about you?

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