Pylons, Studs and Byways

White top with pylons, black leggings, studded black platforms

Hands up if you love the countryside! Hands up if you love the city! And now hands up if you love both! Yeah, both hands up over here too! For a girl who has been brought up in distinctly rural areas, I have a big soft spot for hedgerows filled with various grasses and trees. There is something so utterly romantic about the lives of their inhabitants. However, the city in all its modernity is somewhere I love to visit and pretend that I am some cool urbanite going to meet “the girls” for coffee.

This outfit was born out of that duality of rural and urban. Well, the outfit is distinctly urban but I hunted out a lovely rural byway to balance it all out. I’m pretty sure I got some strange looks walking around at 9.30am on a Saturday in my platforms.

Studded black platforms

But these babies were totally worth any stares! They are my first pair of platforms and my mum does not like me wearing them. That might have something to do with me being a head taller than her when I do wear them. The black suede and silver studs makes them the sexiest shoes I currently own and they feel like I’m walking on a cloud, though a rather solid one.

The top was one of my favourite finds from Camden when I stayed with Fee over the May Day bank holiday. We found quite a few different pieces while raiding the charity shops in the alternative heart of London. It’s a little big so I have added ribbon ties at the back to stop it falling of my shoulders. It just shows that the biggest obstacle between modesty and the high street is not knowing how to use a needle and thread.

White top with pylons, black leggings, studded black platforms

So not for the first or last, I’ve had fun mixing up my urban aspirations with my rural roots. Which do you prefer; urban or rural? Or do you like to mix up the two? Let me know in the comments below.


Style Notes: Top- Camden charity shop || Leggings- Peacocks || Platforms: Clarks (sale) || Earrings- New Convent Garden years ago

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