Pregnant & Sentenced to Death At 27… For Marrying The ‘Wrong Man’

You may question my integrity briefly, but when I saw this particular article in Look, I was glad for it. Not because there was a wife and (expectant) mother in prison for the ‘crime’ of marrying the wrong person. I was glad to see that finally the treatment of Christians in other countries made headline news in some form or another.

Daniel and Meriam at their wedding in 2011. (source: The Independent)

The case of Dr. Meriam Ibrahim came to public attention though campaigns by various organisations and a twitter campaign. The reason for her imprisonment… she married a Christian even though she was, according to the Sudanese legal system, a Muslim. This amounts to be apostasy, the moving or converting away Islam. In a Western society this may not seem a big deal as beliefs are constantly challenged, changed and secured. However, some Islamic countries give it the death penalty.

Look‘s article deals very sympathetically with the situation. They provide both sides of the argument as factually as possible but still they side with Meriam. This shouldn’t be surprising as the idea of killing someone for their religious beliefs goes against the morals of our own society. What I do find surprising is that there is no shying away from the religious element. The upfront-ness that this happened because Meriam married a Christian is incredible. As a Christian, I often feel that we are not looked on favourably by the rest of the world yet this campaign shows that injustice is injustic regardless of faith.

The sad bit is that this this will not be the last. Open Doors and Barnabas Fund are charities that help imprisoned and persecuted Christians. As such, they help girls in a similar position to Meriam almost daily as they struggle. They do this day in, day out as Christians are continuously accused of apostasy and blasphemey. Cases such as Meriam’s are the worst but they still teach a valuable lesson.

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