Amongst the Bluebells

Amongst the Bluebells

Wasn’t the May Day bank holiday absolutely gorgeous? Annabel and I thought it was so we took the opportunity to explore some bluebell woods she had discovered the other week. Being the stylish yet practical adventurers that we are, we also decided it was the perfect day and location for a practical spring fashion shoot. 

Practical Spring Fashion: Neon Green Jumper

Practical Spring Fashion: Floral Blue Crop Top

We had a totally glorious day out, taking way too many photos, discussing fantasy worlds, enjoying a picnic and trying honey water for the first time. If you were to switch the honey water for green tea and I could have believed it was almost a year and a half ago when we explored other local woods. The only different being then we had dressed for autumn. This time around, it was all about practical spring fashion!

We had both adopted jeans for this occasion. While tights and leggings can work for a woodland walk, jeans do have an ease and practicality about them that I adore. I have to admit that my pair from New Look are not the best that I have ever owned but I have my suspicions that is to do with my somewhat curvier shape. I have found that skinny jeans are ridiculously difficult to fit when you have a body shape that would is more suited to the 1950s. Annabel’s jeans are one of about three pairs that I think she owns, let alone wears. My BFF is really more of a leggings kind of girl, owning some pretty awesome Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings pairs. So, if I’m totally honest, her favourite pair from New Look really must be a darn good pair to persuade her to even buy them.

Practical Spring Fashion: Neon Green Jumper

However, no practical outfit is defined purely by jeans. Otherwise half the street style outfits from fashion month would be deemed practical. (I’m sorry but 5 inch heels and leather jackets do not a practical outfit make.) On the other hand, out in the rural wilderness, bright jumpers and welly boots are the height of practical spring fashion. This neon green jumper is one of my favourites and I love how it almost blends in with the greenery surrounding me. I swear it wasn’t on purpose but I do love it when I end up reflecting my surroundings. Then again, I have been known to dress completely opposite to what would be expected for a (best west country voice) “rural lass”.

Annabel also made an attempt at blending in with her beautiful blue florals amongst the bluebells. It’s a favourite of hers for springtime, when pastels play a massive role in her seasonal wardrobe. Plus the crochet trim increase cropped length of the top, making it a perfect length and coverage for the high waisted leggings and jeans she favours. 

We finished off our outfits with the ever necessary raincoats and wellington boots. After all, it was all about being practical as much as looking good. And when you’ve grown up in the British countryside, dressing practically soon becomes second nature.

How do you like to dress when it comes to being “practical”? Are you an urban adventurer or a rural explorer? Let me know in the comments below!


Style Notes || Green Jumper: Encore at British Red Cross || Katy’s Jeans: New Look  || Blue Floral Cropped Knit: H&M (old) || Annabel’s Jeans: New Look (old) || Wellies: Unknown

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  1. I love those flowers! This photoshoot reminded me of my childhood and exploring this park near my house. We’d spend hours there! Also, I love British words, like “jumper.” A lot of my students use British English (for obvious reasons) and sometimes I have to stop and think about what they are saying!

    • I love the word “jumper”. In Britain a jumper covers everything from sweaters and hoodies through to knits. So long as it’s long sleeved and warm, it’s a jumper. Plus, you get silly jokes: What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? A woolly jumper! Hehehehe 😀

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