Oversized Cocoons and Hidden Wrist Braces

You may have seen my outfit from spending a Saturday relaxing with my grandparents. The Sunday was a little less relaxing as were off to Cambridge for church and lunch but I still found time to take a few photos to share.

I haven’t been wearing my oversized cocoon jacket as much recently but I really should do. The 3/4 length sleeves are perfect for wearing with my wrist braces while also hiding them ever so slightly. Believe me, when you are spending all day with your wrists strapped up, minimising how noticeable they are in an outfit means a lot. The rolled up sleeves of the shirt I was wearing helped with this as I didn’t have to worry about layering my braces over or under sleeves. Perfect smart option for a Sunday outing.

Anyway, I currently typing with just my left hand as my right wrist has decided it has had enough today. Plus Strictly is on so my concentration is being distracted elsewhere.

Style Notes || Jacket: Encore at the British Red Cross || Shirt: British Red Cross || Skirt: Lipsy || Shoes: Next

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