Overdressed Sportswear

Disclaimer: It’s currently gone 11pm and I’m exhausted. However, because I love you guys and love my style, I’m determined to share this outfit with you.

So I may have fallen for the sports luxe trend. However, I definitely fell for it after it stopped being catwalk worthy. Does that make me a trend follower or someone willing to break the rules? I’m really not sure.

What I can guarantee is that I felt spectacularly overdressed in this at work. We’re a fairly laid back bunch and jeans feature in most people’s outfits daily. So a black pencil skirt and white shirt was somewhat over the top, even though I had a meeting. I even wore my patent black pumps, complete with a little bow on each shoe. I had to find a way of dressing down and getting back to being me.

Let me introduce the trainer. Okay, I’m a lot late for this shoe trend but normally I relegate my trainers to the gym. I made an exception this time around and absolutely loved the results. It’s a bit of an odd match, not least because the pink on the trainers seriously clashes with my red jacket (charity find! Whoop!), but it felt so quirky in a totally grown up way. There was some disbelief that the skirt came from Lipsy though.

Unfortunately, my attempt at quirky overdressing only lasted one day. Today I spent in jeans and a jumper. Why? Because I can and because I’m tired. So on that note, I’m off to bed. See you on the morrow.

Style Notes ||  Shirt: Zara || Skirt: Lipsy || Jacket and Sunglasses: Encore at British Red Cross || Trainers: InterSport || Hair Ribbon: Own

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