October Praise Post

October Praise Post

I’ve turned my Monthly Praise Posts into a link up to encourage you (yes, you) to write up your own post about what God has been doing in your life this month. You can find out more below.

My first complete month in Sheffield is over! Yes, It is now November and the CounterCultural Cottage has officially been in Sheffield for eight whole weeks! Essays have been stressful. The vlog has had major hiccups. I had to choose a new church. I made new friends. I became addicted to chai lattes. Even in the stressful moments, God has been so good to me throughout October.

As always, I want to share my top nine moments with you for a little sight into how God works in the everyday life.

  1. Just before all the work really kicked off, I went out for a drink with my flatmates… which then became dinner. It was our first chance to try Interval Bar’s menu and we were all impressed by the choices. I had a chicken and chorizo enchilada, which was coated in cheese, with a side of wedges and salad. I then had a hot chocolate with all the trimmings for dessert. However, the best part of the evening was having a chance to chill with my flatmates outside of the flat. We all had a great time and got to know each other better. That can only be a good thing when we’re spending the year together.
  2. This year I’m trying to eat less meat for a whole host of reasons. This has translated into eating a lot of cheese and eggs. Fortunately, one of the cafes on campus does a brilliant mushroom and cheese omelette to keep me going between seminars. Eating less meat has made me appreciate vegetables, eggs, cheese and lentils at a whole new level. 
  3. I’ve a few reminders about why I came back to university and left what could have been a dependable career behind. This article was one of them, which is why it’s now on my wardrobe door. A reminder that while I’m here to gain a degree, this is also my opportunity to expand CounterCultural. CounterCouture. At the end of the day, my dream is to have an online space for Christian girls and I’m studying as a step to reach it
  4. Since moving to Sheffield, God has been on the move. This verse from Matthew 5 has been a huge inspiration to me as I’ve been navigating my way around Sheffield. The idea that as a Christian we are all meant to be lights in the world has helped me to find the place God has sent me here to fill. I’m still figuring out where that place is but, thanks to Matthew 5, I’m a little bit closer than I was before.
  5. Who doesn’t love a vintage style hair scarf? Even better when it’s covered in Marvel comic book covers. The best bit was that I was having a great time despite hiding my bad hair day in an epic hair scarf. The night before Chelsea and I enjoyed a wine and movie night and then on the Saturday I wrote an article on flexitarianism for Forge Press. All in all, it was a pretty darn good weekend.
  6. Moving swiftly from Marvel to DC, I dressed up as Batgirl for a night out with the flat. I may have become the flat mum but I still enjoy a dance and fancy dress. One of the things about the British is that we bond best at night and that is exactly what happened. 
  7. I love my veggies! And because I love my veggies I am totally entranced by Beanies Wholefood. I made this wonderful curry after a trip to Beanies when I had seriously let my veg intake slip. Diving into a dish of fresh veggies was the best pick-me-up and turned my frown upside down completely. Even my flatmates could tell the difference.
  8. Haircuts are one of the few luxuries that I have decided to allow myself to during my Masters. This photo was after my first trip to Made and I loved it. True to form, my hair reverted to a mass of waves as soon as I washed it but for a few brief days I had a beautiful bob. Yet even this is a small blessing when you think about it because who gave the hairdresser the skill to cut hair if not God?
  9. I’m in love with my weekly and daily planners from Paperchase. They have actually made me appear to be at least semi-organised rather than my normal state of chaos. That, as far as I and my mum are concerned, is a small miracle!

October has been a brilliant month. Yes, it has included a boatload of stress but looking back that is totally worth it. Even when the stress does get on top of me, I will remember that God has set me up as a light on a hill. All I can do is shine.

Monthly Praise Post Link Up 

Now my favourite bit! For those of who you love to see what God’s been doing in our lives, it’s your turn to join in! Excited? I am! All you have to do is write up your own praise post and link it up at the bottom of the page (click on An InLinkz Link-up and follow the steps). 
However, if you could follow these pointers, that would be great:
  • Concentrate on the good things that have happened over the last month. That could be the obvious or even how God has turned a rubbish situation into a good one (like forcing me to take time to chill via my wrists).
  • Read the link that appears before yours. Maybe even leave a comment on the page so they know you’ve read it. Let’s build a community of Christian girls and guys celebrating with and supporting each other.
  • Use the button below to let everyone know about the Monthly Praise Posts. Let’s see people praising God for the everyday stuff all over the web! (I even included HTML code for your web design ninjas. Or you can copy and paste the button)

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