Obsession developing…

Couldn’t decide which full portrait looks better…
So I included both.

Necklace and Belt: Red Cross
Cardigan: House of Fraser (Therapy)
Dress: New Look
Tights: Forgotten!
So I might be getting slightly obsessed with colour clashing but I have really fallen for khaki/purple combinations. Two of my favourite colours combined just makes me want to smile. The belt is purely to cinch in my waist to avoid my (somewhat old) cardigan from disguising it. My DMs provide a grungy, masculine twist to an essentially female twist, as well as being uber-practical for a run to the shops in the rain. Normally this would be a brilliant outfit for a day off doing chores round the house… but when the chores include painting (D.I.Y life project coming soon) it became a shop only outfit pretty soon. But it’s definitely one for the scrapbook to bring out for coffee dates and lunches with the girls.

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