November Praise Post

So another month has been and gone. Best of all that month was November, which means it is now Advent and the Christmas season! Woohoo! You can now look forward to plenty of Christmas snaps on my various accounts (i.e. here) and the odd post or two on here. 

However, this post isn’t about Christmas (so excited) but about all that God has blessed me with in November. And oh how he has blessed me this month with some fantastic friends, events and food.

Top: Photo of Stonehenge before opening. It ended up on ITV West!
Bottom: The stones at night during the launch dress rehearsal.

  1. The very first weekend of November was the Frome Independent– the monthly market that Mum and I rave over. We had another fantastic Sunday afternoon wandering around the town centre. I tried bison chilli (wow!) and snuck a taste of Mum’s elk venison stew (yum!). I also began discussion about a project I’m delighted to be a part of. But you’ll have to wait to hear more about that…
  2. 3 November saw all the staff at work invited to stay behind to attend the dress rehearsal of the new World War One exhibition. It was a stunning affair, though I think we were all more interested in Stonehenge lit up than in the actual launch.
  3. The next night was bonfire and fireworks night at Mum’s work, so off we both went. Obviously we were wrapped up throughly and had a burger each before inspecting the guys competing for the elusive sit on the bonfire. It was a great night and the firework display was brilliant.
  4. The annual End of Season Party was the same week (so tired!) and I attended in full fancy dress, as stipulated. So many people turned up in fancy dress, from Rogue in X-Men (moi) through to Mario & Luigi via greek warriors and medieval knights.
    Clockwise from top left: Shari and me over a year ago at Jess’ 21st;
    Fee, Jamie, Ben and James in London having brunch;
    Getting to Wicked at the Mayflower;
    Spending a weekend in Swansea with my little sister.
  5. Somehow, I also found the energy for a trip to London for Fee, Jake and James’ house party. It was the first house party in their new flat and the first time visiting for most of us. As ever, the food was free flowing through I stuck to a healthy combination of fanta and cranberry juice for my drinks. The next day, four of us checked out one of the local Turkish eateries for brunch. Oh my days, that Spanish omelette was amazing.
  6. 12 November saw myself and a bunch from work heading down to see Wicked at the Mayflower. I have wanted to see it for so long and was not disappointed. Though I found it hard not to compare with the book (you’ve got to read it!), I was continuously mouthing along to all the words.
  7. You may know that my younger sister has recently disappeared off to university in Wales. November is her birthday month and I was able to take the weekend off and visit her. We had a lot of fun, watching trashy films on Netflix, testing out some of Sasha Wilkin’s recipes and wandering around the beach. So much fun!
  8. I have already received my first Christmas card! But more importantly I have also sent my first two overseas to Shari and Yuriko, who I met while in university. I love that I now have friends in different countries as a result of university. Is it mercenary to think about the cheap/free accommodation if I ever visit?
  9. As self-confessed chocolate addicts (though Mum is trying to give it up) and taking any chance to visit Frome, Mum and I jumped at the chance to visit the Frome Chocolate Festival. We tried chilli and lime marshmallows, salted caramel sauce, chai latte truffles and even a chocolate-port pairing that opens up the port’s flavours. Even I liked it! Definitely something I want to go to again, though my waistline and pursue are very glad it’s annual.
    Clockwise from top left: Frome Chocolate Festival with Mum;
    My first ever home cooked saag aloo with Catherine;
    Home cooked honey roast almonds;
    Plum crumble cake baked for Grandpa’s birthday.
  10. Straight after the chocolate festival, I was out with one of the youth groups I help with. The activity was… Chip tasting! We walked from chippy to chippy, testing the various chips to discover the best in town. The kids were hilarious as they took it incredibly serious. Saying that, I may have got rather defensive of my personal favourite. Then again, it did come joint first! Scarily, both were Chinese takeaways… what happened to proper fish-n-chip chips?
  11. The last week of November was all about my friends. I started off by going straight up to Bristol after work on Tuesday to stay with Catherine for two nights. From eating the chocolate I bought at the festival while watching 10 Things I Hate About You to wandering around Bristol Harbourside and the M Shed, we had a pretty good time. And Bristol is definitely growing on me!
  12. One of the biggest surprise blessings of this month was bring able to skype Shari. She was up by 6am in Australia so that she could take to me at 7pm GMT. The fact that we are still both around is testament to the strength a friendship build on Christ has, as well as the care and respect we have for each other. Overtime we Skype, I leave with a real smile on my face.
  13. Finally, the birthday party! Okay, it wasn’t my birthday but it was my Grandpa’s. Family birthdays are such a great excuse to get together and it was wonderful seeing Mum’s side of the family again. I really should stop letting the fact that I’m 4 hours drive away be an excuse to not see them.
Unfortunately, this month wasn’t entirely rose-tinted. Between a very small breakdown in London and a serious relapse more recently, this month has been as difficult as it has been blessed. However, thanks to fantastic friends (you know who you are) and my counsellor, I am recovering so much quicker than usual. So in the end, even the blips have resulted in praising God. 
So here’s to an even better December and a great Christmas! Let me know what you loved about November too.
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